Notice to Owner (NTO)

A Notice to Owner (NTO) is a written notice required by Section 713.06, Florida Statutes, that notifies the owner of a property that a subcontractor or supplier not contracted directly with the owner is providing labor, services, or materials for improvements to the property. Proper and timely service of the Notice to Owner is required by Florida law before a Claim of Lien can be made. If a party providing services or materials on a job fails to properly serve a Notice to Owner as required by law, any claim of lien asserted by such party will be completely unenforceable.

The Florida construction lien law requires that a Notice to Owner be served to an owner no later than 45 days from the first date that labor, services, or materials are provided to the construction job site as a prerequisite to secure the sender's right to lien the property in the event the sender is not paid for its work or materials provided to the construction job. Actual or verbal notice to the owner by the subcontractor or supplier of materials working on the job is not a substitute for the required written Notice to Owner. Further, service of the Notice to Owner must be made in strict compliance with the statutory requirements contemplated by the Florida construction lien statutes.

Be sure to serve your Notice to Owner on every job in order to secure your right to a construction lien if you are not paid for the job. Rashkin Law is experienced providing Notice to Owner services to all construction companies - large and small.

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